Sandip Chavda

User Experience Designer / Developer

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Job under charter accountant for 6 Months
1 Year job at cyber cafe as ADMIN

My DESIGN Career started on 1st March 2008. At that point I was a fresher with no substantial IT knowledge, for instance, I didn't know the full form of HTML. However, the company had faith in my ability and decided to teach and educate me in IT concepts, which included HTML coding, Designing, SEO and website testing. My core strengths are that of quick learning and self-motivation which enabled me to absorb this knowledge and broaden my understanding of designing.
When it comes to work, my mantra is, if somebody has done it, I can also do it and if nobody has not done it, than I will do it and create a path for others.

Currently generating WAP portals, Mobile Websites, UX Design using XHTML, HTML4-5. CSS 2.0-3.0, Jquery/Javascript/Ajax according to the client requirement or as per the user experience.
Conceptualize and produce dynamic Design applications including banners and other interactive online content for Smartphones & Featurephones.
Providing extensive functionality in HTML5, XHTML layout for Smartphones & Featurephones.
Handling UX strategy for Web / Mobile / App Wireframes, UX Testing on Morae.
Develop high level designing & coding by fulfill W3C guidelines and Client UI/UX Requirements.
Compatible testing for Web, Smartphones & Featurephones also.

Company: Saregama India
Project: Confidential
Skills: XHtml, Html 5, Css, Css3.0, Axure, Morae Testing, Photoshop CS5.
Role: UI & UX Lead Wap, Xhtml, Mobile / Web Wireframes and Flow Design

Company: Freelancer
Project: | |
Skills: Html, Html 5, Css, Css3.0, Mailers, Jquery, Drupal, Corel Draw, Photoshop CS5, SVN.
Role: UI & UX Developer, Production site Handling, Mailers, Coupon Designs and App Development.

Company: Accelyst Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (A newly established E-Commerce company with a primary focus on providing people a little more from their simple activities like mobile and DTH and Datacard Recharges)
Skills: Html, Html 5, Css, Css3.0, Mailers, Jquery, Wordpress, Corel Draw, Photoshop CS5, SVN.
Role: Production site UI Developing Html, Mailers, Coupon Designs.

Company: Wiantech Pvt Ltd. (A specialized PHP, MySQL, AJAX, .NET, Flash, Photoshop, Animation, SEO, etc.)
Skills: Prestashop, Css, Css3.0, Html.
Role: Designed and Developed prestashop Theme.

Company: Softagz Technologies . (Company providing professional-level customized solution, Web development, full-featured online stores, Software development, Client server technology.)
Skills: HTML, Css2.0, Css3.0, Photoshop.
Role: Developed X-html in smarty.

Softagz Technologies. Senior Web Designer 1st March, 2008 - 1st March, 2010
Wiantech Pvt Ltd. Web Designer 1st March, 2010 - 12th June, 2011
Accelyst Solutions Pvt. Ltd. UI Developer 16th June, 2011 - 25th October, 2012
Freelancer UI & UX Developer 27th October, 2012 - 2nd May, 2013
Saregama India UI & UX Lead 2nd June, 2013 - till date

Additional Knowledge : Before selecting designing career had done CCNA. MCSE, NETWORKING, LINUX, SUN SOLARIES, NETWORKING & HARDWARING course from IIHT on 2003-2005.

  • CSS2-CSS3
  • SEO
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